So, you're wondering what single source honey is?  Maybe you're not wondering after all but since I brought it up, I may as well tell you!  The honey business is largely run by supply and demand.  For example, if Hot Yellow Bee Company has more customer demand for honey than the Hot Yellow Bee Company can supply, then they will buy honey from the Flaming Purple Bee Farm.  Flaming Purple Bee Farm honey is then mixed with honey from the Grass Green Honey Farm and Orange Heaven Bees.  All of this honey may come from local suppliers, but the unique flavor and benefits are lost by increased processing of the honey.  The honey will need to be incrementally heated and filtered to ensure that none of these farms have subpar products.  

When you buy from Little Green Bees, you're getting honey from our own Little Green Bees.  The bees that you have supported and observed throughout the year are providing the very honey treats that YOU are enjoying.  That's what we mean by single source honey.  You know exactly where these bees live and you have a pretty good idea of where they're foraging.

Single Source Wildflower Honey